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What it is to be me

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I consider myself a feminist. Perhaps humanist is a more appropriate term. Despite our differences in certain interests and physical abilities, I believe that men and women need to be treated equally and afforded the same opportunities. I am mellow, but equality is a hot button with me.

Coming to terms with my classic manners, my interests in home arts such as sewing, knitting, gardening and cooking, and my feminists beliefs confuse people. Why can’t I be a feminist and girly at the same time.

I have blogged in the past and had a very hard time keeping up with it. This is to feature my daily activities, my projects, and my thoughts. I doubt that you will find it interesting, but I need a place to organize myself.

I am also struggling with planning a wedding. That will probably slip into here as well.


About Alicia

I work with monkeys, knit, sew, garden, remodel my house on a regular basis. I love working with my hands and my brain in new and interesting ways. I daily face a conflict between my idealism and real life. Feminism and my rights as they should be and what society dictates to me as the way life is. I think a lot about where nature lies and where socialization begins. It's tough, and so I decided to write.

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