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I am on a pre-terrarium kick right now.  The reason that it isn’t an actual terrarium kick is because I haven’t built one yet.  I am just looking at lots and lots of pictures.

The idea started when I was brainstorming ideas for my naturalist wedding in Hawaii.  What could be prettier and more suiting to the theme than a terrarium representing a different animal kingdom on each table?  Then there could be little terrariums made inside glass Christmas ornaments hanging around from different places.  Succulents would be very easy to use, but I wonder if they would spread like those in my garden.  I saw so many beautiful centerpieces using this idea, that I realize it is hardly novel, but I am excited about it nonetheless.



Tutorials I found

Hipster Home Lightbulb Terrarium

Glass Christmas Ball Terrarium

A beginners guide

Another beginners guide with lots of pictures







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I work with monkeys, knit, sew, garden, remodel my house on a regular basis. I love working with my hands and my brain in new and interesting ways. I daily face a conflict between my idealism and real life. Feminism and my rights as they should be and what society dictates to me as the way life is. I think a lot about where nature lies and where socialization begins. It's tough, and so I decided to write.

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