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The cake costs… WHAT?

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Today is a wedding planning post.  I am so sorry to have to drag you into this.  Though I have never dreamed of having a wedding, my gender makes me the one that has to do all the work within the constructs that my sigfig sets as his priorities.  Don’t worry, it isn’t as sexist as it sounds.

I am the organizer, which means that I am the one who manages time.  Even on my birthday I end up doing a lot of the party prep because he will forget to plan things and then will rush off to the store an hour before guests arrive and the house is still a mess.  It is OK, part of loving someone is accepting their faults.  My hyper-obsessive time management is also a fault.  We balance each other out.

SO- the cake.  I was actually really excited about the cake because I love sweets and I love pretty things.  An awesome wedding cake is the perfect marriage (ha ha) of these things.  I am allergic to milk, so I began my search early.  I found three bakeries in Honolulu who will make me a dairy free, but not vegan, cake.  Awesome right?  Ha!  I should have looked into how much these things cost first.

I have friends who are pastry chefs, and I respect the amount of time and effort that goes into making a wedding cake.  It sounds like a very stressful endeavor.  These are not just cakes, they are symbols of our culture and works of art.

The cakes have been consistently quoted at $700.  If a work of art costs $700, I think that I would like to keep it long term.  I told my sigfig “Do you have any idea the shoes I could get for $700?”  He didn’t get it.  That’s cool.  Actually, I would like to take that $700 and go to the Georgetown Art Attack.  I would rather spend it on art for my wall than art for my belly.  That is all.


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I work with monkeys, knit, sew, garden, remodel my house on a regular basis. I love working with my hands and my brain in new and interesting ways. I daily face a conflict between my idealism and real life. Feminism and my rights as they should be and what society dictates to me as the way life is. I think a lot about where nature lies and where socialization begins. It's tough, and so I decided to write.

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